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About Us

About US

Resercho understands that student's assignments, projects, notes and research work do not get a chance to be published anywhere and ultimately end up in the recycle bin or the trash can after they have been marked or graded by the teacher.

This is why Resercho allows students, teachers and other professionals to upload their academic work such as their notes essays, articles, school assignments and projects on our app so their hard work gets international exposure and gets the appreciation they deserve for it


Our Vision

Every year students all around the world have to submit assignments, projects and research work which define their grades. A lot of hard work, time and energy go into producing this work. Unfortunately, most of this work goes unnoticed and doesn't get a chance to be published anywhere and eventually goes to waste.

Our Vision is to provide a user friendly platform where people can showcase their work, get noticed and hired by companies and professionals, connect and collaborate with people all around the world


Free Academic Networking Platform.

Through resercho people upload their academic work, ask questions and help their fellow mates. People can also connect, collaborate and network with everyone all around the world and have fun while learning.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to prevent the massive amount of Academic Work going to waste every year by providing a platform where people get an opportunity to fully utilise their Academic Work and get the appreciation they deserve for it.

We also aim at bringing about a social transformation where students from remote places, having limited resources and opportunities will be able to connect and learn from students studying in top schools and universities all around the world. It will help bridge the gap between privileged and not so privileged sections of students across the globe.

To make studying fun and easy for all students and encourage them to create their own original academic work to help them gain the imperative skills that come from conducting research.

How it works

Upload your academic work such as your essays, assignments and research work and get access to millions more and download them for free.

Network with academicians, students and professionals all around the world and join many study forums for free.

Get insights and statistics and see who has downloaded, viewed or shared your work.